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If you were doing a crossword puzzle and the clue was sodium…it is likely the answer would be salt.  Salt or sodium chloride  is the  solution for the  New Dietary Guidelines too!  These  Guidelines  come out  from the USDA every 5 years.

The  new USDA guidelines are not surprising.  They tell us to eat less and eat more fruits and vegetables.  But what is surprising is that they are suggesting that for anyone over age 51,  or for those who are  African-American or for those who have  high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease (CKD) that they cut their sodium content down to 1500 mgs of salt.  2400 mgs is one teaspoon of salt. This they say will reduce the number of people who need kidney replacement therapy.

Surprise! “ Excess sodium is a leading cause of fluid retention and unhealthy fluid balance. It can also exacerbate high blood pressure by placing an additional burden on the heart. Nutritionists claim that people in the United States consume as much as five times the daily recommended amount of sodium in their diet. While many people have put down the salt shaker, it takes more to cut sodium significantly. Many common foods have high sodium content, and some of them may surprise you.”

Five times the daily recommended amount of sodium?  How can this be?  That would amount to 12,000 mgs of salt per day or 5 tsp of salt.  How can we get that much salt?  Well, anything you eat that is processed…meaning anything that comes out of a box, a jar or a can contains salt. “Salt (sodium chloride) serves a number of purposes. It helps prevent spoiling by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold. Salt also brings out the flavors in food. For example, salt accentuates the sweetness in cakes and cookies. Salt also helps disguise metallic or chemical aftertastes in products such as soft drinks. In addition, salt reduces the perception of dryness in foods such as crackers and pretzels.”

Let’s say that you were trying to eat out fast food and wanted to eat out “healthy.”    You could choose  a tender grill chicken and a salad with Newmans lowfat Italian dressing and a small coke.   You would be eating almost 2,300 mgs of salt just in one meal.   Or if you wanted to eat not so healthy, how about having a baconator, small fries and a 12 oz coke?  That would be over 2600 mgs of salt.  Remember, this is one meal.  We are not counting breakfast, snacks, beverages and dinner in the mix.

So you can see that it will be pretty easy to eat way more sodium than the 1500 mgs that is suggested per day if you choose to eat fast food.  Now let’s look at some other processed food ( all are 3.5 oz. of the stated food)  wheat flakes 1000 mgs; processed cheese 1189 mgs;  crackers 1100 mgs,;  pancakes  425 mgs;  popcorn 1940;  canned ham 1100 mgs;  salad dressing 700-1300 mgs;  hot dogs 1100 mg;  bologna 1300mgs;  tuna 800 mgs.  WOW !  What a lot of sodium.   1 TBS  Soy sauce is 920 mgs;  1/4 cup bread crumbs,240mgs; 1/2 c beans 240 mgs. and 10 potato chips have 240 mgs  of sodium.

How will it be possible to cut our sodium levels to 1500 mgs. per day?  The only answer that can be seen is  to cook everything from scratch.  Use no processed foods…nothing from a can, box or jar. Is this realistic?  We think not.  We are a fast food generation and we do everything on the run.    Also fast food is cheaper than buying fresh.  In this economy people are scrimping on things that are more expensive.Fast foods  happen to be layered and loaded with salt, sugar and fat  to make them more palatable.

What are your thoughts on these recommendations?  Do you see other ways to cut sodium intake without cooking everything from scratch?  Why not try eating 1500 mgs of sodium for a day and see how it goes? Read labels and keep track of what you are eating. Then come and let us know what you think.

Here is a resource to take a look at that summarizes the new guidelines.

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Yun ran into a man she has loved for 5 years .  She ran into him in a coffee shop after not seeing him for over a year.   Even though she was late for her lunch with her friends, she stood there in the sun talking to him for a long time…. admiring his gentle smile and soaking in his smoothing words.

Cece loves this same man too! She writes:

“She arrived at the Open Space and glory be..there he was!  He is an older gentleman and used to be a professional cyclist.  You  might know that  he is the leader of the Cement Factory Spin that Cece and Yun attend each January!  He had with him, his friend Jim…who also was a professional cyclist….and thus… the dynamic duo was born!  They behaved like Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon! Cece is still lamenting that she did not bring her camera, because there were many missed opportunities…for great pics along the way…and she is still laughing at their pranks and jokes…..but she digresses!”

He is our dear friend Tom Hendricks.   He and his wife are leaving NM  and  relocating  to Colorado to be near their children and grand children.

Tom is the kind of man that you just have  to love.  He is genuinely kind and generous, tall and slender, handsome and helpful…  Tom is in his 70s, but men and  women of all ages are drawn to him.  The Whos both met Tom through Team in training.  Yun had a Team in Training  mentee three years ago.   The first day she met Tom, she confided to Yun that she’d marry Tom in a second if he were not already married.

When Yun was hosting her first fund raising party for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Tom came alone because his wife was sick with Lymphoma. He donated $200 on behalf of his wife for a plate of Yun’s rice and some stir fries.  Then , after Yun’s bicycle accident, it was Tom who nursed back her confidence while  riding down the hills again.

There are people in our lives  who you just  love.  It does not matter  what they look like,  how old are they, what their life situations are….   You just love them because they remind you of what being a human means.  They remind us of what it feels like to be around a humanly human being.   They radiate the human spirit of kindness, trueness, tenderness and lightheartedness.  They make you feel like being a human, worthy, fun and connected.

When you feel that you are drawn towards someone  for no apparent reason….. maybe….just maybe….. their true humanness arouses and connects with  the humanness in you.

“Bye for Now” from the Two Whos


After Cece did her early morning shopping in the cold balmy winter’s chill, she was leaving the parking lot and saw a sign, “Register for Spring!”

What a thought!  She bets that if people could just sign up and put their name on a list, she could get so many people on the list, that spring had to arrive early!

Well, maybe not, but here is a wonderful animation that will bring that spring warmth into your heart.  Once on the site, click and drag your mouse and see the fantastic spring bounty!

Bye for Now” from The Two Whos


We are not sure what your  tendencies are when it comes to justifications and logical arguments to back up lies.  The Two Whos have found out that such justifications are truly an art form..It is called the  art of self deception and cheating…the  art of self -lying, and the art of always being right.

One day, a friend told a story to the Two Whos, that  left them exasperated.

On a no school day,the kids wanted to go bowling with their schoolmate Sarah in the afternoon.  So, the mother  calls up the father to see if she can pick up her daughter around noon.  The man says: “The court order says the exchange is at  5:00pm.  Do you want to change court order?  Do you want to go back to court to change the court order?”    “No, no.”  Our friend backs off from the trouble.  The man is right, the court order is the court order….but she was hoping for a bit of give and take here as it would benefit their child.

5:00pm comes around.  There is no sign of her daughter.  Our friend calls: “Where is XXX?”   The man: “Oh, I dropped her to bowl with her friend Sarah’s  family at noon,.  I  thought they’d come straight to your house after that since Sarah lives near you and you have invited them over for dinner.  I am thinking the flow and fun is more important than holding to 5:00pm. Don’t you agree?”  The friend has to agree that kids having fun is more important than sticking to the court order.  This makes great sense, and the man is right again…. except,

Something is fishy, but she could not understand why.  Apparently, whatever decision the man makes, he has all the ‘good’ reasons that she can not disagree with.  But if one pays close attention, the reasons are always to make him appear “right”.  He uses threats of court to get her to back down.  Then he excludes her from the original plan and then he drops the child off so he looks good…all the while easing the mother out of their original plan.

Yun’s  advice to the friend?  None!  If she chooses to debate, she will lose.  There is no way to debate with someone  who applies different ‘reasonable’ rules as they see fit.   It is like  trying to catch a slimy fish…  So, run as fast as you can from people like this.

It is Yun’s  belief that living is much less fearful and much more relaxed when we do not manipulate others.  Head games, cheating and lying are never the best way. Whatever happened to negotiating rather than passive aggressive maneuvering?  Things are often not  pleasant  or workable when it comes to divorce.

Bye for Now” from The Two Whos.


It’s interesting to see  how your life can come full circle.

The other day Cece was  driving up to Santa Fe.  It was a beautiful clear day that was fast warming up.  She was enjoying the drive  and was relaxed and listening to some beautiful chant in the car.  The sun was glistening on the mountains and casting fascinating shadows on the earth.

All of a sudden she remembered and visualized herself back in her bedroom as probably a 15 year old girl.  She was sitting on her bed looking at this yellow paperback book on yoga.   In it there were page after page of yoga poses.  She remembers thinking , ” How does anyone get their body to do that?”  She remembers trying to get into some of the asanas and she remembers reading the book and trying to figure out how to breath deeper into the pose.  She is not sure what book this was or even if it might still be in the room that was her bedroom in her biological home.

What she does know is that  26 years after she tried to work with that book on her own  and gave up…..Cece  began to practice yoga.  She was 41 and she had just read an interesting comment by Vanda Scaravelli who started to practice yoga at about the same age as Cece.  She said, “Practice transforms us.  We need to eat less, because we assimilate more and therefore there is a loss of unnecessary weight.  We become more beautiful, our faces change and our walk gains in elasticity.  Our way of standing is steady and poised, our legs are firmer and our toes and feet spread out, giving us more stability.  Our chests expand and the muscles of the abdomen start to work, the  head is lighter on the neck…to watch these enchanting changes is amazing.  A different life begins and the body expresses a happiness never felt before.  These are not just words; it actually happens.”

Cece thought to herself, “Well, if this woman can start to practice yoga at about 41 and get these great benefits from it,  then so can I!”  Cece began to practice yoga and loved it.  She attributes yoga to saving her life when she  weighed 356 pounds and could not get off the couch…never mind figure out how to raise her body off the floor into downward facing dog!  Yoga taught her to move and begin to understand her body and how it worked…how it moved.

Cece’s yoga practice was derailed several times in the past 12 years due to accidents and injuries….but she is filled with gratitude that she is back to yoga once again.  The promises of Vanda Scaravelli are true and more so….and she is filled with deep gratitude for her teachers, then and now.

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos

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